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ngIRCd: Next Generation IRC Daemon

“… serving white hat 6667!”


Supported platforms

ngIRCd is mainly being developed and tested on current versions of Linux, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD.

In addition ngIRCd has been successfully compiled and run on the following platforms:

As the ngIRCd complies to common UNIX standards and uses GNU automake and GNU autoconf, chances are that it can be ported to or adapted for further UNIXoid systems.


ngIRCd is designed for UNIXoid systems and the installation on a modern UNIX-like system, which is supported by GNU automake and GNU autoconf, shouldn't cause any problems.

Typically it looks like this:

tar xzf ngircd-<version>.tar.gz
cd ngircd-<version>

Now, the executing server (normally ngircd) should be in src/ngircd.

make install

The executing server has now been installed in /usr/local/sbin.

The configuration file ngircd.conf is now expected in the server directory /usr/local/etc; an exemplary configuration file can be found in the directory doc.

Further comments on the installation and configuration can be found in the file INSTALL.


Documentation is compiled in the source package, some in the main directory (such as INSTALL, README, NEWS und COPYING), and some in the sub directory doc (such as SSL.txt, FAQ.txt and the exemplary configurations sample-ngircd.conf).

The documents of tha actual version can be found online here: